Pakistani filmmaker reaches final of Youtube contest –

FLORIDA: Pakistani filmmaker Faraz Siddiqui for the first time has claimed spot along with two Nepalis in the finals of the 2010 US State Department’s ‘Democracy Video Challenge ’.

This challenge is in its second year and drew nearly 700 entries this year. Contestants from 83 countries created short films on themes based upon the phrase ‘Democracy is…’ the blank to be filled according to the theme of each contestant.

The three finalists made following short films for the event; Faraz Siddiqui from Pakistan, democracy is a message by the people.

All the short films can now be viewed on you tube. Internet users across Pakistan and around the world can now view and vote for the film till June 15.

The winning filmmakers are to receive an all-expense-paid trip to Washington, New York and Hollywood to attend gala screenings of the winning videos, gain exposure to the U.S. film and television industry and meet with creative talent, democracy advocates and government leaders.

Faraz Siddiqui is a 23 year old film maker and graphic designer. He started a design production house by the name of collage pictures since 2007.

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