Free Kaspersky Security Suite Win7 or KIS 2010 License

Today we have a free offer or trick which will provide free Kaspersky Security Suite CBE Win7 aka KIS 2010 license every 91 days.

Note: This offer is only for Windows 7 users .

How to get kaspersky security CBE win 7 or KIS 2010 License ?
  1. First create an account at here),by following below image

    Note : If you already have a Computerbild account, then just go to step 3. Also note down username & password which will be useful for many upcoming promo’s.

  2. Now you will get an email from ComputerBild with confirmation link, Click the link to to activate your account
  3. Now visit this promo page then enter your user-name, password and click on “login” button as shown in below image Free KIS 2010 License
  4. Now you will forwarded to a webpage as shown in below image, then select “Persönlichen…..” (2nd) box and click on “Lizenzschlüssel anfordern” button.
  5. Now instantly you will receive an email with license code (big Red letters) for the product from Computerbild. Note: This key doesn’t works  in any normal KIS 2010 installers, except below (CBE) installation file.
  6. Now download the installation file from(click) here
  7. Install it and enter your license code to continue. Note: The installation file will be in German language, don’t fret, just continue the installation process by clicking “weiter or Ja” button, whenever the installation screen remains still for your instructions.
  8. Now after installation, open or run Kaspersky Security Suite CBE Win7, then click on “Einstellungen ” tab (top of the window) as shown in below image.
  9. Now in Kaspersky Security Suite CBE Win7 interface window, on left side, Click“Einstellungen”, then uncheck “Selbstschutz aktiveren” box, as shown in below image and Click OK, then close the program.
  10. In order to transform the interface language from German to English, run below registry edit Note: Don’t update before running this edit
  11. First click start, then click –> Accessories –>Run, type regedit and click OK. In the Registry Editor go to the following path
  12. Now double click “Localization” and change the value to from de to en.
  13. Now restart your PC & check KIS 2010 aka kaspersky Security Suite CBE Win7 on your PC

    That’s it, you will have genuine KIS 2010 running on your PC, so once after 91 days or 3 days before the license completion period, get license code by repeating Step 3 & 4.
    For Windows XP & vista users will soon share Kaspersky Security Suite CBE 2009 aka KIS 2009 for XP & vista users

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