Over 16000 B-graders ineligible for Inter Science Education

KARACHI, July 24: More than 16,000 B-grade matriculates will be among the thousands of aspirants for science education set to be deprived of studies in any of the three science groups — pre-engineering, pre-medical and computer science — in the city’s public sector colleges and higher secondary schools due to the limited number of seats in the discipline. 
The C and lower grade candidates stand no chance of getting admission to the government science institutions. These candidates number over 23,000 — 18,178 in C grade, 5,120 in D grade and 95 in E grade. They would have no choice but to seek admission to the science faculty in private colleges. 
In all, more than 39,000 matriculates are unlikely to be accommodated in the pre-engineering, pre-medical and computer science groups in the city’s government colleges and higher secondary schools. 
A cursory look at the number of seats allocated by the CAP committee in its 2010 academic year’s brochure, containing placement forms for admission to first-year classes, shows that of the total 42,165 seats allocated for admission to the science faculty, in all 23,830 seats (15,250 for boys and 8,580 for girls) will be offered in the pre-engineering group; 16,835 (5,740 for boys and 11,095 for girls) in the pre-medical group and 1,500 (800 for boys and 700 for girls) would be accommodated in the computer science group. 
Statistics of the fresh science matriculates provided by the BSEK indicate that of the total 81,981 (45,403 boys and 36,578 girls) candidates who have passed the examination in different grades, 10,524 candidates (3,951 boys and 6,573 girls) obtained A-1 grades; 21,862 candidates (10,599 boys and 11,263 girls) secured A grade and 25,965 candidates (14,563 boys and 11,402 girls) got B grade; 18,178 candidates (11,937 boys and 6,241 girls) secured C grade; 5,120 candidates (4,105 boys and 1,015 girls) got D grade whereas 95 candidates (82 boys and 13 girls) got E grade. 
As such, the number of candidates having passed their matric examination-2010 with science in A-1, A and B grades from the Karachi board alone comes to 58,351 as against a total of 42,165 seats available in all the three faculties of science in the city’s public-sector institutions for the coming academic session. It means that not only all the C, D and E graders but even 16,186 B graders would not be able to get admission to the science faculty in government institutions this year unless more colleges are opened in the city and the required number of teachers is provided there on an emergency basis. 
Asked about the future of those who might not be accommodated in the science faculty, sources in the CAP committee said they would be offered admission to the commerce faculty and if they did not want it, they could seek admission to any private college to pursue their studies in the discipline of their choice. 
However, the students who passed their matric examination with general group as regular candidates would not face any difficulty in getting admission to their discipline as the total number of admissions being offered in government colleges and higher secondary schools in commerce and humanities groups are 34,470 seats (20,300 for boys and 14,170 for girls) and 22,780 (5,400 for boys and 17,380 for girls), respectively, the sources added. 
Meanwhile, senior college teachers who in the past remained associated with CAP committees apprehended that the admission process would be delayed considerably as a large number of candidates would throng the CAP claim centres after failing to get admission to the science faculty despite having B and C grades. 
They said though the government higher secondary schools of the city had once again come under the purview of CAP, the previous experience was that a vast majority of the aspirants wanted to study in colleges rather than higher secondary schools and, thus, a large number of those who were previously accommodated in higher secondary schools left for private colleges.
The process of admissions to 132 government colleges and 25 higher secondary schools in the city under CAP began on Friday with the sale of brochures, containing placement forms, at 52 branches of the Allied Bank.

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