Glasses off 3D ON !! HTC EVO 3D by Mobilink


Mobilink again got attended by the gadget lovers. This time they have HTC EVO 3D, the 3D version of its preceeder.

HTC’s moto to provide its customers with the products which are catchy, easy to use and provide solutions ro every ones need for a super gadget. Mobilink’s effort to engage its customers to the latest and superb gadgets in the market is again bloomed with this superb and extra ordinary smartphone.

Hope the feature packed phone, which makes the user to capture and view pictures and videos in 3D, get overwhelmed responce from the lovers.

Updates from the event:

-At first your brain has to adjust the eye for the view.
-It seems like people are captured in the small screen and you can see them moving live.


“Pakistan needs Revolution” !!! Mobilink & HTC are firing it up, Quite Brilliantly !

These days, Pakistan is in definite need of a revolution and Mobilink & HTC are doing all they can to bring to us a one which will never be forgotten.A Smartphone Revolution!

Mobilink & HTC ! This is what all Pakistanis have been able to think about now, Mobilink’s great services now accompanied by The HTC smartphones !!

Mobilink has definitely captured the attention all around Pakistan with their truly amazing new concept which has set the entire technological world of Pakistan on edge.

Mobilink, which is the first always in introducing new ideas in Pakistan, has to of course use only the best in its latest brilliant scheme. It has now partnered with HTC, the leader in developing smartphones and the combination is perfect to monopolize and have the biggest impact on the urban market and enable people to consistently incorporate technology into every aspect of their daily life.

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